• PlayScript is an open source Adobe ActionScript compatible compiler and Flash compatible runtime that runs in the Mono .NET environment, targeting mobile devices through the Xamarin platform. – via Julian Xhokaxhiu
  • Reactive Extensions (RX) are the new cool.  There is now a port for Mono on github. It’s also available as nuget packages for iOS and Android. via – Jérémie Laval
  • MonkeyArms MVCS framwork.  Well if framework names hadn’t got weird enough already, MonkeyArms is a MVCS framework for Xamarin iOS and Android apps inspired by Flash’s Robot Legs framework. – via Ben Bishop

Cool Code

Interesting Reads


Stuff that I googled for my project, that was useful


Back soon with more links and experiences of my Xamarin learning, enjoy reading my other articles in this blog. Have any question? Don’t forget to write a comment below.


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  1. Dan Miser says:

    For the “initiate phone call” link, I’d use this one, as it also shows the telprompt: protocol.

    1. Thanks Dan! I’ll update the post.

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