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Xamarin Tools and Resources

As software developers we often use a scary number of Tools and Utilities to get our jobs done. Whenever you learn a new platform you also need to work out the “tools of the trade”. I recently gave a talk on the tools and resources I use to do Xamarin development, so I thought I […]

Staying Up To Date with Xamarin Development

Xamarin development is booming and as with any great technology, things change fast and you’ll want to keep up to date with the latest news and releases. Xamarin has such a wonderful, thriving community that it can be a challenge!

Emacs key mappings for Xamarin Studio on Mac

One of the great things about my job instructing at Xamarin is the diverse set of questions I get exposure to via all the people who attend Xamarin University. For example, just the other day I was in a class with a guy by the name of Richard Logwood who was curious about Emacs key bindings for Xamarin […]

Exploring Xamarin.Forms 1.3: Properties Dictionary

Xamarin.Forms 1.3 includes a tidy little way to do simple state persistence between app restarts and when suspending/resuming.  Particularly useful if you want to take the user back to their location if the application gets suspended or terminated. This is done through Application.Current.Properties.

Xamarin, iBeacons and Geofencing – Some Resources

For an upcoming geekend (a weekend hackfest) we are looking at spending some time digging into iBeacon and Geofencing technologies.  I was going to email some of these resources I have found to the participants but thought it might be better if I blog them as a resource for others.  Hope it helps

Xamarin and iOS – Moving to iOS 7 and Xcode 5

Apple has now decreed that all apps submitted to the store must be built on XCode5 and iOS7. And so it shall be… So I’ve started building our Xamarin iPhone project against said platforms. Now there is a lot of redesign that should go on with moving to iOS 7, but to tell you the […]

Xamarin and Android – Specific Solutions to Specific Problems #2

Welcome to the second post in my Specific Solutions to Specific Problems series. Hopefully somebody is getting some benefit out of these but even if nobody is reading it, the process is pretty cathartic anyway… These are a handful of issues that I encountered in my second week on Monodroid. These are the solutions I […]