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Xamarin Tools and Resources

As software developers we often use a scary number of Tools and Utilities to get our jobs done. Whenever you learn a new platform you also need to work out the “tools of the trade”. I recently gave a talk on the tools and resources I use to do Xamarin development, so I thought I […]

Xamarin and Android – Specific Solutions to Specific Problems #2

Welcome to the second post in my Specific Solutions to Specific Problems series. Hopefully somebody is getting some benefit out of these but even if nobody is reading it, the process is pretty cathartic anyway… These are a handful of issues that I encountered in my second week on Monodroid. These are the solutions I […]

Xamarin and Android – Specific Solutions to Specific Problems #1

At our company, I am the soul that has been tasked with doing our Android development. We have chosen to use Xamarin for this and as I race up the learning curve, I thought it pertinent to start blogging the solutions to any problems I encounter along the way. Welcome to my “Specific Solutions to […]

Xamarin and Resource.Designer.cs

I am doing a lot of development using Xamarin for Android and while most of the time it works really well, there are a few circumstances where it acts a little weirdly. The first is when naming resources. The Xamarin documentation states the following in a resource on their website: [blockquote source=”Xamarin”]Also, it’s important to note […]