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Common UI Patterns in Xamarin Forms – Part 2 – Tabbed Pages

Tabbed Pages are a common pattern that regular mobile App users are familiar with. At it’s simplest it is just a collection of pages tied together by a toolbar menu at the top or bottom of the screen. I say top or bottom because iOS, Android and WP do things differently here, and Xamarin.Forms does it’s […]

Common UI Patterns in Xamarin.Forms – Part 0

This is the start of a blog mini series about implementing Common UI Patterns in Xamarin.Forms. Xamarin.Forms is an incredibly powerful platform to build cross platform mobile apps. I believe that unlike other “write once, run anywhere” style solutions Xamarin.Forms still holds the real promise of creating high performance professional apps. The beauty is that […]

Xamarin Certification Exam Study Guide

Are you studying for the Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer exam?  It’s a pretty daunting exam, there is just such a large amount of material covered.  So I thought I’d share my experiences and topics covered during my certification exam to help others on their way.

Exploring Xamarin.Forms 1.3: Properties Dictionary

Xamarin.Forms 1.3 includes a tidy little way to do simple state persistence between app restarts and when suspending/resuming.  Particularly useful if you want to take the user back to their location if the application gets suspended or terminated. This is done through Application.Current.Properties.