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Staying Up To Date with Xamarin Development

Xamarin development is booming and as with any great technology, things change fast and you’ll want to keep up to date with the latest news and releases. Xamarin has such a wonderful, thriving community that it can be a challenge!

Xamarin Link Roundup – 22 December 2015

Components and Tools Xamarin Studio Tip: Break on all exceptions – Stefan’s Developer Blog – A nice little tip on how to break on all exceptions in Xamarin Studio from Stefan Upgrading to Continuous Deployment In 1 Day with Xamarin, TeamCity and HockeyApp | Dan at Xamarin – 10 steps to awesome continuous integration! Xamarin.Plugins/Iconize […]

Emacs key mappings for Xamarin Studio on Mac

One of the great things about my job instructing at Xamarin is the diverse set of questions I get exposure to via all the people who attend Xamarin University. For example, just the other day I was in a class with a guy by the name of Richard Logwood who was curious about Emacs key bindings for Xamarin […]

Xamarin Certification Exam Study Guide

Are you studying for the Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer exam?  It’s a pretty daunting exam, there is just such a large amount of material covered.  So I thought I’d share my experiences and topics covered during my certification exam to help others on their way.